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Using Heart Graph with your Mi Band 2 sensor

If you’re using a Mi Band 2 as your heart rate sensor, you need to take an extra step before recording data with Heart Graph. Open the Mi Fit app, and start a workout: This will cause the Mi Band 2 to start collecting frequent, regular heart rate samples (e.g., every 5 seconds), which will then allow Heart Graph to create a smooth graph for your workout.... Read more >>

Heart Graph v5.1 released

Today we released Heart Graph v5.1 with improved support for resting heart rate: You can now automatically read resting heart rate samples from Health, which will be displayed in a graph on the “Compare Statistics” screen When recording a resting session, the minimum heart rate will be written to Health for sharing with other apps You can now add text annotations during resting sessions We’ve added a minimum heart rate alarm that can be configured... Read more >>

Heart Graph v5.0 released

Today we released Heart Graph v5.0 – with WatchOS 4 we are finally able to bring Apple Watch users the full functionality of Heart Graph on the iPhone: If you start your workout using the phone, you will see the graph in real time on the phone, and have access to zone and heart rate alarms, planned workouts, rep counting and reference sets. If you’d rather use the Heart Graph on your Watch as you... Read more >>

Heart Graph v4.4.1 released

Today we released Heart Graph v4.4.1, including: Add live heart rate zone histogram to the phone during recording Add ability to define annotation markers during workouts Add option for coloured zone bands instead of coloured set types Add option to display rolling mean during workout in place of total workout mean Add option to vibrate on alarms as well as play a sound Fix bug where app crashed if trying to save an image to... Read more >>

Anaerobic threshold training session

In a previous article, we’ve discussed Training using heart rate zones, which gives some of the theoretical details about defining and using heart rate zones in your training. In this article, we take a look at how monitoring heart rate and the use of heart rate zones has supported a particular type of exercise session: 1 hour of cycling effort purely in the aerobic zones (Zones 1, 2 and 3). This type of training is... Read more >>

Training using heart rate zones

When starting out with a training program, one of the questions people ask is whether they are getting the most from the efforts they’re putting in. A common problem is actually pushing too hard for too long, which unless carefully managed can lead to over-training, a situation that not only takes its toll on the body, but also means that your performance can actually decrease as you continue training in the same way. A carefully... Read more >>