Compare Workouts

Spotting trends in your workouts over the longer term can be crucial to ensuring that you continue to optimise your training sessions for maximal benefit. The Compare Workouts screen (accessed from the main screen of the app) allows you to plot max and/or mean heart rate from each workout and reference set to support just this type of analysis.

iPhone_5s_WorkoutComparisonOf course, there will always be some natural variations in those statistics between sessions, and to remove this effect it can be useful to smooth the data before display, an option that is available on tapping the Data button.

You may also find that not all your sessions are equivalent (for example you may cycle through several different routines); if you’ve entered unique keywords in the Notes field of each workout, you can filter based on those keywords and display only data for those particular sessions. Again, this functionality can be reached by tapping the Data button.

Tapping on any point of the graph will show you details of the particular workout from that date, but beware that if you have smoothed the data then the value shown on the graph here may not exactly match the raw statistics from that workout.


Want to find out more? Take a look at our Tutorial Videos to see the app in action.