New Workout

The New Workout screen is the core of the app, showing your heart rate change in real time during your session. Different types of set are shown as coloured areas, allowing you to quickly see what sort of exercise you were doing in each part of your workout.

iPhone_5s_LiveWorkoutIn order to make the most of Heart Graph, it is recommended that you start each session with a standard reference set, shown shaded in red on the graph. You can do this by tapping the New Set button.

Sets done later in your workout, for example with a fixed number of reps, are shaded in blue, while sets of a fixed duration (not shown here) are shaded in yellow.

During your workout the instantaneous heart rate is shown, along with the maximum and mean heart rates for the  whole session. Heart rate zones are shown as shaded horizontal bands on the graph.

All data for completed workouts can also be later reviewed.

Of course, you can pause your workout at any time, and there is also a reset option available (after tapping Pause) to allow you to remove any uninteresting data from before your workout properly started.


Want to find out more? Take a look at our Tutorial Videos to see the app in action.