Planned Workouts

Design your workouts in advance – keep your focus on your exercise and let the app deal with the structure of the session. No more wondering about what to do next or sneaking extra recovery time! You can also share planned workouts with your friends and other Heart Graph users – if you have problems importing a workout, an XML schema file is available to verify the content.


Create a sequence of sets and control the detail of each one individually (see below). You can easily duplicate sets (by pressing and holding) to quickly build up a workout with the structure you want, and if you need to reorder sets then simply drag the sets into the order you want.

Each set can be one of three types:

  • Reference Set that can be fairly compared across workouts (you can have a maximum of two, typically at the start and end of the workout).
  • Based on a fixed duration
  • Based on a fixed number of reps.

You can also choose the exercise you want to perform and the weight you want to use – and you can easily add to the standard list to include your own favourites and the weights you have access to.


Sometimes, you want a bit of flexibility during your workout to allow you to change things depending on how you’re feeling – in this case, you can choose “Any” rather than a specific exercise or weight.

Finally, you need to define when you can move to the next set, which can be one of:

  • When your heart rate drops below a certain threshold
  • After a set time period is up
  • Automatically, without a rest.

When using a heart rate threshold, you can either use a fixed value (e.g., 125 beats per minute), or the “Default value”. If you use the Default value, you can change this once (in the settings), and the change will apply to all workouts, allowing you to update this value as your fitness improves without having to modify every single workout.


Want to find out more? Take a look at our Tutorial Videos to see the app in action.