Review Workouts

The data from each workout is available for later review in the app, including a summary of the length of the session and the mean and maximum heart rate values. On the iPhone, tapping on the workout data text will toggle the display of statistics for the reference sets, and rotating the device to landscape orientation will fill the screen with the plot. The graph of heart rate is fully interactive, and can be zoomed and panned to show exactly the detail you want to see.

iPhone_5s_WorkoutReviewYou can also add your own notes on this screen, for example to record details about the session you did. The text in these notes can be used for filtering lists of workouts in other parts of the app, so the use of your own keywords will allow you to quickly focus on just those particular workouts (for example when comparing reference sets or workouts).

The Set Reference button at the bottom of the screen allows you to choose the heart rate graph from this workout as the one to automatically compare against when doing a new workout.

If you want to share your workout with friends, a coach, or your trainer, tap the email button. Settings in the app can be used to control the content and attachments of the email, including an image of the heart rate graph and a Garmin TCX format XML file for transferring the workout data to a different app.


Want to find out more? Take a look at our Tutorial Videos to see the app in action.