Known Issues

We strive to create high quality software with zero defects, but sometimes bugs do slip through, or problems with particular heart rate sensors are identified. Known issues will be listed on this page.

Heart Graph v4.3

  • We have received occasional reports from users with the Polar H7 monitor where either the belt will not always connect to Heart Graph, or the heart rate displayed is double what it should be. Replacing the battery in the sensor may help with these issues, or you can try using steps (3) and (4) from our Sensor Problems page to receive data in real time via Health rather than directly into the app. If this issue is affecting you, please contact us so that we can investigate further.
  • We have received reports that the Wahoo Fitness “Tickr Run” heart rate belt can have problems connecting to Heart Graph. Ensuring that you have the latest sensor firmware using the Wahoo Utility app may help resolve this problem.
  • A bug in WatchOS 3 means that the app can crash on, or shortly after launch. Apple have accepted that there is a bug but there is currently no timeline for a fix. If you experience this issue, please relaunch the app.
  • A bug in WatchOS 3 can occasionally the Watch app to crash sporadically, especially during very long sessions. Apple have accepted that there is a bug but there is currently no timeline for a fix. Note that if you do experience this issue, all data recorded prior to the crash will be automatically recovered next time you start Heart Graph on your Watch.
  • Occasionally the Heart Graph Apple Watch app fails to install fully on the Watch, especially on WatchOS 2.x. This is nothing to do with Heart Graph, but is due to issues with Apple’s “Watch” app. There is unfortunately nothing specific we can change to improve things, but you may find this Apple Support Page useful, or alternatively an internet search about third party Watch app installation problems will provide other suggestions.
  • When trying to save images from the app directly to the Camera Roll in the Photos app, Heart Graph can crash. While we work on a fix, we suggest using one of the other options available such as sending to Mail or Save to Dropbox.

If you you think you’ve found a bug that’s not listed above, please contact us on our Support page – we cannot fix problems that we don’t know about!