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 Heart Graph

★★★★★ Complete Workout Suite

I’ve never reviewed an app, but this one deserves the praise. Especially since it never bugs you to rate it! This is far more than a heart rate monitor. It allows you to construct workouts in advance, planning and tracking your progress. It might be the most useful CrossFit app I’ve ever encountered. For workout planning this is the best app. Period. There’s only one thing I would suggest the developers do to make it better. Use a louder or higher pitched sound for the end of a set. It’s often hard here the guitar strum in a noisy gym. The normal set-start sound would be fine. Truly a beautiful piece of software.

★★★★★ Superb

Wonderfully clear hr graphs and we’ll-thought out app. Best I’ve seen. I use it for interval training on stationary cycle trainer. Now updated w/ customizeable hr zones. Developer keeps updating it & responds quickly /w customer support. A+

★★★★★ Clear interface, easy to set up, works well

Easy to pair with heart rate monitor, using Bluetooth light. Clear graphics. Easy to use data for later analysis. I use this program with my MIO Alpha. Happy with the app, thank you.

★★★★★ Simple and one of the only bluetooth HRM apps

I needed an app to work with my Topeak Heart Rate monitor. This displays live, logs data and keeps it in a diary. It’s simple, but seems to be one of the only products that does this. No connection problems and works with music too. No ridiculous battery drain. Well done!

★★★★★ I don’t even kettle bell and this is awesome

I am not sure if the developer knows what they have here. It is the most advanced and accurate app for tracking heart rate that I have found. I use a 60beat Bluetooth heart rate strap and this picks it up right away and graphs all day. I can then export not just the averages and max but the picture of the graph too. Best one I have found when working with a heart rate strap.

★★★★★ Great app!

Love this app! It makes my kettlebell workouts a lot more interesting and allows me to keep track of how hard I’m working, I’d recommend it to anyone who kettlebells or circuit trains in general. The auto rep counter in the full version is an excellent idea too, it stops me losing count on high rep sets (or skipping reps when I’m tiring!). Thanks for developing and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes in the next version – programmable workouts would be great!