Heart Graph v3.9 released with support for Apple Watch

We are pleased to announce that Heart Graph v3.9 is now available on the App Store. New features include:

  • Import heart rate data for Workouts from the Health app. This feature provides support for the Apple Watch by allowing you to import, view and analyse heart rate data after your workout is completed
  • Import heart rate data for arbitrary time periods from the Health app. For example you can import an entire day of heart rate data from your Apple Watch or other Health enabled sensor
  • Now use Heart Graph to record your resting heart rate – just lie back, relax, and let the app record your minimum heart rate over a period of up to 10 minutes
  • Added help within the app (iPhone only) for new users getting started with Heart Graph
  • When using a Planned Workout, you can now see details of the next set coming up shortly after the previous one is complete, rather than waiting for the 10s countdown
  • Added the ability to change audio settings in the middle of a workout
  • Increase range of audio rep counting slider sensitivity
  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements

For more details, please see our press release.