Heart Graph v5.0 released

Today we released Heart Graph v5.0 – with WatchOS 4 we are finally able to bring Apple Watch users the full functionality of Heart Graph on the iPhone: If you start your workout using the phone, you will see the graph in real time on the phone, and have access to zone and heart rate alarms, planned workouts, rep counting and reference sets. If you’d rather use the Heart Graph on your Watch as you... Read more >>

Heart Graph v4.4.1 released

Today we released Heart Graph v4.4.1, including: Add live heart rate zone histogram to the phone during recording Add ability to define annotation markers during workouts Add option for coloured zone bands instead of coloured set types Add option to display rolling mean during workout in place of total workout mean Add option to vibrate on alarms as well as play a sound Fix bug where app crashed if trying to save an image to... Read more >>

Heart Graph v3.10 released

We are pleased to announce that Heart Graph v3.10 is now available on the App Store. New features include: Compare the graphs of entire workouts displayed on the same axes Prevent the graph compressing during longer workouts by choosing to view a window onto only the most recent data Minor UI enhancements, including use of more legible fonts and updated app icon Now access email and Dropbox export settings directly from the Workout view Allow... Read more >>

Heart Graph v3.9 released with support for Apple Watch

We are pleased to announce that Heart Graph v3.9 is now available on the App Store. New features include: Import heart rate data for Workouts from the Health app. This feature provides support for the Apple Watch by allowing you to import, view and analyse heart rate data after your workout is completed Import heart rate data for arbitrary time periods from the Health app. For example you can import an entire day of heart... Read more >>

Seeking Apple Watch users for beta testing

Update (1st July 2015): Heart Graph v3.9  with Apple Watch support is now publicly available on the App Store. We are of course still very interested in any feedback we receive! Update (18th June 2015): our Apple Watch beta program is now closed to new users. However, if you are interested helping to evaluate future beta releases of Heart Graph, please contact us for details.... Read more >>

Heart Graph v3.8.1 released

Heart Graph v3.8.1 is now released – please let us know what you think! New features include: Heart rate zone alarms: now you can have an audible alert for whenever your heart rate moves up or down a zone New option to smooth the heart rate graph displayed – more smoothing is applied when zoomed out to see global trends; the smoothing is reduced as you zoom in to show more details All alert sounds... Read more >>