Heart Graph v5.0 released

Today we released Heart Graph v5.0 – with WatchOS 4 we are finally able to bring Apple Watch users the full functionality of Heart Graph on the iPhone:

  • If you start your workout using the phone, you will see the graph in real time on the phone, and have access to zone and heart rate alarms, planned workouts, rep counting and reference sets.
  • If you’d rather use the Heart Graph on your Watch as you do now, you can still keep using it just the same as before.
  • Haptics are played on the Watch for the heart rate alarm and heart rate zone alarms.
  • WatchOS 4 is now required to run Heart Graph on your Apple Watch.

We’ve also made the following improvements to the app on the phone:

  • Support for iPhoneX.
  • Remove display of blue Premium Banners once Premium Features are purchased.
  • Simplify the display of the list of existing workouts and include the duration of each workout.
  • Improve selection of workout type so that it is chosen once when starting a new workout; the three most recent types of workout you’ve performed are remembered for ease of access.
  • Add “Other exercise” as a workout type option.
  • Add workout type and location details to planned workouts.